• 24”wide x 36” length imprint area, can fit longer objects and print in sections. 6” height allowence.
• UV-LED curable inks, including full color CMYK, White and Clear Ink.
• White Ink - Used alone or as an underbase for colors on dark or transparent substrates.
• Clear Ink can be printed as a spot varnish to create embellishments or used as a full coverage clear coat      to provide added durability and protection. Can also print braille. 

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Direct To Substrate UV-LED Flatbed Printer

The LogoJET UVx90r. Durable, weather-resistant imprints on virtually any rigid substrate.

This ink jet printer on steroids, prints like a traditional ink jet printer but the special ink dries instantly with the built in UV light. 

The LogoJET can print full color on just about any rigid substrate including metal, powder coated metals, plastic, glass, wood, stone. 

Artwork for printing can be sent by email in a variety of formats including AI, PSD, PDF, EPS, JPG, and PNG or we can design it from your print. Design Software - Adobe CS5.