Cutting Edge Manufacturing, Inc. strives on time delivery and superior quality while meeting customer and regulatory requirements and continually improving our QMS.

Cutting Edge is a small family owned business with roots in engineering, fabrication and machining.

In 1988, the business began as a simple metal fabrication shop in a garage in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1998 the business upgraded from the garage to a commercial facility, a couple of employees were hired and a customer base was started to form. Some of the original employees remain with the company today. In 1999, the business moved to a 4000 square foot shop in Scottsdale, Arizona. In March 2006 we moved into the current location, a new 10,000 square foot building located in Phoenix, Arizona. 

The Cutting Edge team enjoys creating and building. There is always something new and exciting taking place here. We have worked on many interesting projects with our customers. The industries we work with range from architectural, commercial, military, medical and automotive to name a few.